Sebastian's and Anthony's Panel at Chicago Comic Con
Girl asking a question:Hi, so I have a question for both Sebastian and Anthony, umm, so as you both may know Chris Evans has this thing where he grabs people's left boobs-
Audience:*screaming and laughing*
Anthony and interviewer:what
Anthony:where on earth did you get that?!
Sebastian:*turning to Anthony* yeah he does that when he gets too excited
Audience:*laughter and screaming increases*
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他静悄悄的来过 他慢慢带走沉默 只是最后的承诺 还是没有带走了寂寞~

" If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph. "
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if you’re so fucking sure that i’m gonna get retained or advanced then the very least you could do is just keep quiet because i’m still trying to make an effort when all you’ve been saying is how badly i’ll do. i can’t fucking stand it when you act like you even understand how fucked up i feel and then you completely shit on whatever self-confidence i’ve been trying to build since mye.

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